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Freedom Firm

Freedom Firm

Rescue, Restoration, Justice


Freedom Firm is dedicated to the liberation of children enslaved in commercial sexual exploitation, to their effective rehabilitation, and to justice against those who have profited from their misery. We unapologetically stand dedicated to this cause and this cause alone.


We are motivated by our faith in God to conduct our work with the highest ethical standards and to allocate our resources with uncompromising stewardship. We believe that every person has immeasurable value and therefore the exploitation of any person is an unacceptable violation of their God-given value.




Rescue: Undercover operatives find minor girls, document the crime, and report to the police. With assistance from Freedom Firm, the police raid brothels and rescue girls, who are then placed in aftercare. At the same time, the police arrest and file criminal complaints against the perpetrators.


Restoration: Freedom Firm’s aftercare home provides rescued girls with job training, education, counseling, and health care in a safe, family-type setting. The home offers animal therapy, micro-enterprises, and other creative means to help the girls heal, grow, and become independent. In addition, Freedom Firm partners with other qualified rehabilitation homes in India.


Justice: Freedom Firm lawyers aggressively pursue convictions by assisting public prosecutors at each stage of the criminal trial. Rescued girls testify against their abusers, helping bring them to justice. Each conviction raises the cost of sex trafficking, creating a deterrent.


To learn more about Freedom Firm, to get involved, or to donate, please visit