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Goat Keepers Checklist

Goat Keepers Checklist

A well stocked supply cabinet can literally mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. Don’t wait until the need arises to start searching for help. The proper equipment for animal care and milk handling can make goat keeping so much more pleasurable.

Kidding Season

Bovi Sera

12cc syringes & 1/2” needles

Save-a-kid syringe

Colostrum Replacer

Kid Kare Concentrate

Nutri-Drench or Goatade

Probios Gel

Long Disposable Gloves and J-Lube

Nipples and/or a Multi-Kid Feeder

Milk Replacer Powder

Kid Coats for cold weather kidding

Kid I.D. Bands for fast and easy identification



Disbudding, Castrating and Tattooing

Disbudding Iron with a Goat Tip

Kid Holding Stall

Tetanus Antitoxin

3cc Syringes and 1/2” needles for administrating the antitoxin

Elastrator and Rings

Tattoo Outfit

Alphabet and Numbers

Green or White Ink (for goats with dark ears)



Epinephrine (adrenaline to counter shock. Available only at Vet)

An Antibiotic to prevent infection

Blood Stopper Powder


Nutri-Drench or Goatade

Bloat Treatment

Veterinary Thermometer

Weight Tape

Electrolyte Powder

Surgical Scissors

Small Drench Syringe


Milking Equipment

Milking Stand

Stainless Steel Milking Pail with Half Moon Cover

Stainless Steel Strainer and Milk Filters

Dairy Soap

Sani Powder

Acid Detergent

Strip Cup

Mastitis Testing Supplies

Udder wash

Udder Sponges

Udder wipes

Fight bac



Hoof Trimmers

Hoof Plane

Hoof Pick

Grooming Brush

Herbal Wormer and Tonic

C&D/Tetanus Vaccine

Grain Feeders and Waterers



Build a library of general goat keeping and health care books.

Purchase one or two every year so you can research questions and get a cross section of solutions.

You can call us on our Toll Free Help Line 1(800) 221-4628.  Also make sure to check out our Goat Health Blog or post a question on our forum.  Both are hosted by experts who are ready to help.