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Cheesemaking Class in Coleman, MI.

Cheesemaking Class in Coleman, MI.


Cheesemaking with Mary Jane Toth  


Join renowned author, Mary Jane Toth, as she demonstrates the art of  cheesemaking during a day-long workshop covering everything from the basics to hard-pressed cheeses. A “Cheese Taster’s Luncheon” will also be served

during the day.




Geneva Township Hall

3383 Grant St

Coleman, Michigan 48618



April 14th, 2012

April 28th, 2012

May 19th, 2012




• Morning Session: 9:30 am – Noon


Begins with the Basics of Cheesemaking where you will learn how to

make delicious cheese at home. Covers the basic equipment and

cultures you will need to get started.


The session ends covering how to make the versatile Soft Style

(Chevre) French Style Cheeses, used for spreads, dips, cheesecakes,

and more.


• Cheese Taster’s Luncheon: Noon to 1:00 pm


• Afternoon Session: 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm


Learn the basics of Hard-Pressed Cheeses, covering the equipment,

cooking the curds, what they look and feel like.


The session will also show you how to make delicious Greek-Style and

Marinated Feta, and a marvelous Mozzarella.


Class Fee: $99.95

To purchase tickets call 1(800) 221-4628 or click here

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  1. by devorah1013
    Comment made on: March 12 2012

    Could you please do some cheese classes in either Arizona or California?
    Would be there in a second! Have both of your books….

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