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Goat Health Blog

  • Essential Kid Care

      I don’t know about you, but here the girls are getting fat and itty bitty udders are appearing from under all the fuzz. Looking forward to spring babies, so learn all about kid care here.   There is nothing better than a baby goat unless maybe it is two or three baby goats! I […]

  • Pine Stump Farm – Farmstead Goat Cheese and More

    Huge welcome this month to Carey, who will document her family’s journey along the way to becoming a Grade A dairy. Look for her story in future newsletters!   Welcome to my farm. Pine Stump Farms has been evolving for 24 years and it’s hard to believe how fast the time has gone.  My partner […]

  • Does this udder make me look fat? – Putting weight on your dairy goats

    Would you believe me if I said that the first rule to putting weight on a goat does not involve grain? You will probably think I am really crazy if I said that grain isn’t even in the second rule, either. A common question that many goat owners have is how to put weight on […]

  • Pasture weeds as mineral sources for goats

    Introduction   There have been several blog articles published recently at Hoegger Farmyard that deal with the problem of copper (Cu) deficiencies in goats. As mentioned, this deficiency can be either primary, or secondary. The former is due to low Cu content of forage whereas the latter reflects the interaction between Cu and other chemical […]

  • How to tell the body condition and weight of your dairy goat

    Body condition and weight are important measurements for assessing the health of your goats. Knowing your goat’s approximate weight is necessary for proper dosing of medications and supplements. Body condition is a good way to tell if you are on the right track with the care and management of your herd.   Body condition is […]

  • Why milk and grain do not make for fast growing kids

    It goes against common sense to say the key to raising fast growing and hefty kid goats is not in what you feed them. I have been raising baby goats for 10 years and have learned repeatedly over the years that kids grow best on limited grain and milk. Overfeeding a kid grain or milk […]

  • Is my goat healthy? – An excerpt from Raising Goats Naturally

    If, like me prior to getting goats, your livestock experience consists of cats and dogs, you are probably accustomed to simply taking an animal to the vet whenever something is amiss. However, if you have more than a few goats, this gets expensive very quickly. And, unlike small animal vets, who can be found in […]

  • Mineral deficiencies in goats – An excerpt from Raising Goats Naturally

    If goats don’t get enough of any vitamin or mineral, deficiencies will obviously occur. However, some deficiencies are more common than others and will cause more severe problems.   Copper Copper deficiency is far more common than most people realize. It is more common today than in previous years because much of the soil in […]

  • Copper deficiency in goats

    Copper deficiency can occur in all kinds of goats, regardless of breed or gender. There is insufficient copper provided in grain, and even when supplemented with loose minerals, goats can still be lacking in this vital nutrient.   So what symptoms indicate deficiency? In adult goats, you can see that their hair becomes very long […]

  • Goat Transportation 101

    So you have decided to buy a few goats to start a herd of your own and now you must decide on the best way to get them home. Well, there are many different choices out there. I think the best choice is to transport your new goats yourself, however, that is not always feasible. […]

  • Goats in the Philippines

    In December 2012, the island of Panay in the Philippines suffered a flood. In some areas, the waters reached seven feet high, and I had relatives who live in the worst of it. Naturally, I wanted to help out. Being between jobs made it difficult to offer financial help, but easy for me to relocate, […]

  • LGDs – Why we love our Anatolian Shepherd

      We have been raising Anatolian Shepherds for 11 years.  We owned a 13 acre, Grade A Goat Dairy and we usually had from 100 – 180 goats on our farm.   We bought our first dog when our then 19 year old daughter did some research for us, and found this breed. We also […]

  • Eating for heating! How a goat’s rumen works

    As the nighttime temperatures remain low throughout much of the country, I have to pause and compare my winter wardrobe to my goats’.  I go all-out for morning chores: insulated coat, thermal underclothes, denim jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirt, long scarf, open-finger gloves and knit hat. My goats meet me at the gate dressed in their fluffiest […]

  • Weak kids: what to do

    Mandy Latimer was asked a question recently by email regarding some new kids that were described as being ‘weak’. Here is her response to the question and it contains information that every keeper of baby goats should bear in mind during kidding season.   My first question to you is “What is the age of […]

  • Oops baby! Spotting signs of imminent kidding

    I stared wide-eyed and blinked three times. The October sun shone on my face as I rubbed my eyes and repeated the blinking. Not willing to believe the obvious, I stared at the back end of Daphne, my Boer-cross doe, where the beginnings of an udder appeared. Quickly I counted backwards five months, using my […]