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Cheese Making Blog

  • Goats in the Philippines

    In December 2012, the island of Panay in the Philippines suffered a flood. In some areas, the waters reached seven feet high, and I had relatives who live in the worst of it. Naturally, I wanted to help out. Being between jobs made it difficult to offer financial help, but easy for me to relocate, […]

  • Great Greek Yogurt at Home

    Greek yogurt is, hands down, the ‘it’ item in the dairy aisle today. Companies are now expanding their empire to include everything from Greek yogurt cream cheese to frozen Greek yogurt pops. Sadly, the price tag on these items is not as friendly as the flavor, so here are some tips and tricks to make […]

  • How to rock at ricotta cheese

    If you’ve ventured into the world of cheese making, you’ve probably made ricotta. Since it’s very easy to make, yet yields a surprisingly sophisticated product, it is an ideal starter cheese. But, don’t be dismissive of ricotta. Even after graduating to much more complex cheese projects, I find myself returning to its delicate sweetness and […]

  • Coeur A La Crème

    Coeur A La Crème is a French style type of dessert. The words mean heart of the cream. It is a perfect dessert to make for Valentines Day or any special occasion.   For this recipe you will need to have a mold and some cheesecloth. The plyban cheesecloth works perfect for this recipe.   […]

  • Farmer cheese

    Also called paneer or curd cheese, farmer cheese is an easy introduction to cheese making, or a quick addition to a meal. It can go from milk to cheese to table in less than three hours, or faster if you’re really in a rush!   This is my favorite cheese to substitute for cream cheese […]

  • Hoegger Supply at the Mother Earth News Fair

    Tamara Lauer, Jodi Turpin and Mary Jane Toth for Hoegger Supply Company all made the trip to the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA, which was held September 21-23, 2012. They reported back that it was great to meet you all there!   Dear Hoegger Family,   We are still trying to catch […]

  • Cheesemaking for Thanksgiving – wow your guests!

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. A time when my whole family gets together and gives thanks for all the blessings that we have. A time when we enjoy good food and good company. It’s fun for the children to get involved in cheesemaking and learn a skill that can be passes down […]

  • How To Make Ricotta Cheese

    Make ricotta with this great new video from Mary Jane Toth! It is super easy to make ricotta at home and there are so many things you can do with it. Our favorite is to team it up with some of our own mozzarella in mouth watering lasagna. Amazing! This recipe teaches you how to make […]

  • Make Cottage Cheese Video

    Make cottage cheese with this great new video. It’s easy and quick to make Cottage Cheese in your own home and absolutely delicious. This is a companion video to Mary Jane Toth’s book, A Cheesemaker’s Journey.   Cottage Cheese is a fresh cheese of moist curds with a mild flavor. Since it’s not pressed, some […]

  • Getting Quality Milk For Cheesemaking

    It’s pretty simple, good quality milk makes for good cheese.  I often get asked to solve cheese-making problems that are the result of poor milk handling practices. I’m sorry, there is nothing you can do. You must have good, properly handled milk if you want to have consistent results with your cheese making. While it […]

  • New Cheesemaker’s Challenge

    We’ve released a lot of new cheesemaking videos from Mary Jane Toth’s A Cheesemaker’s Journey over the past month. The purpose of these videos has been to help new cheesemaker’s feel confident enough to go ahead and start making cheese. Funny enough, we’ve actually had a few of our own staff start making cheese after […]

  • How to Make Sour Cream Video

    Learn how-to-make wonderful, rich sour cream with Mary Jane Toth! Is so easy to make sour cream and requires nothing but cream and cultured buttermilk. The heavier cream you use, the thicker your sour cream will be! This video is a companion video to Mary Jane Toth’s Book, A Cheesemaker’s Journey. For more cheesemaking videos, […]

  • Grilled Pizza Recipe

    This is the grilled pizza recipe from our 2011 Cheese & Soap Catalog.   Everybody loves pizza but with the warm long days of summer the call of the grill is hard to resist. Our solution, Grill Your Pizza! Our favorite is Grilled Greek Pizza with red onions, pepperoncini, artichoke hearts, mozzarella, feta cheese, pepperoni […]

  • How to Make Feta

    Learn how to make feta with this great recipe and video from Mary Jane Toth. It is easy to make feta cheese at home that tastes simply wonderful! It is great served in big chunks on a salad platter, scattered over pasta or pizza, crumbled up with fresh tomatoes and sprinkled with olive oil, or cubed […]

  • Cheesemaking Class in Coleman, MI.

    Cheesemaking with Mary Jane Toth     Join renowned author, Mary Jane Toth, as she demonstrates the art of  cheesemaking during a day-long workshop covering everything from the basics to hard-pressed cheeses. A “Cheese Taster’s Luncheon” will also be served during the day.   CLASS LOCATION:   Geneva Township Hall 3383 Grant St Coleman, Michigan 48618   […]