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Atlanta Cheesemaking Class with Mary Jane Toth

Atlanta Cheesemaking Class with Mary Jane Toth


Reserve your spot today for the Atlanta Cheesemaking Class with Mary Jane Toth, author of A Cheesemaker’s Journey and Goats Produce Too. Mary Jane has been teaching the art of home cheesemaking for over 30 years and has helped thousands

of people successfully begin their own cheesemaking journey.


Date: Saturday,March 31st

Time: 9am – 4pm


American Legion Post 105

180 Glynn St. South, Fayetteville, GA,30215

Lunch is included.


The class will cover the following topics.


Basics of Cheesemaking

Everything you need to know to get started making cheese; understanding the process, an explanation of cheese cultures, and an overview of the basic equipment you will need.


Soft Cheese (Chevre) / French Style Cheese

Learn how to make and use this delicious Soft Cheese.  This is one of the easiest and most versatile cheeses to make at home. From delicious cheese balls to dips, spreads and even cheesecake, this is a go-to cheese for any new cheesemaker.  Samples will be provided at the end of this session to demonstrate the variety of tasty options possible with this cheese.


Feta Cheese

This session will feature making 2 types of feta cheese, Traditional Greek style as well as the Mild Feta (which is amazing marinated in herbs and oil).  We’ll show you how and let you sample the marvelous world of Feta Cheese.



Learn how to make your very own fresh Mozzarella. Served simply with tomato and olive oil or on your own pizza, there is nothing quite as good as fresh, homemade Mozzarella.  This session will focus on the quick 30 minute method and is always one of the most popular sessions.


Hard Pressed Cheese Introduction

This class will show you the equipment needed to make hard pressed cheeses.  We will be making at least one type of hard pressed cheese so that you can see the process of cooking and handling the curds, how they should look and feel, and proper technique.


Tickets are $95.00 each and can be purchased through Hoegger Supply. Please call (800)221-4628 or click here.  Space is limited

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  1. by vandiverj
    Comment made on: March 14 2012

    Will there be additional classes? In any other location?

    • by admin
      Comment made on: March 16 2012

      Mary Jane will be hosting classes across the country. Currently only Atlanta and Coleman, MI are scheduled but we’ll advertise any new classes as they come up.

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