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2012 Hoegger Photo Contest Heating Up

2012 Hoegger Photo Contest Heating Up


Thanks to everyone who’s been part of the Hoegger photo contest and submitting pictures for the 2013 Calender. Keep them coming! We’ve received so many great pictures that we just can’t wait to share some of them with you. These are just a few out of the hundreds sent in! ¬†Enjoy and keep sending us your picture. ¬†Click here for the picture submission guidelines.


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  1. by terrilou
    Comment made on: February 28 2012

    These photos just made my heart smile with joy. Please keep more coming. Love, love, love those goats.

  2. by RaymondaAllen
    Comment made on: June 22 2012

    How do I submit a photo?

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